MAIB Report Cheeki Rafiki

Attached flyer from the MAIB for the Cheeki Rafiki incident. All yacht owners should take close attention. The full report can be found on the MAIB website.

Please contact Hamble Marine Surveys if we can assist with advice or arrange an inspection of your vessel.

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1. Are you looking to buy a new or used yacht or motorboat and need sound advice on its condition and assistance during the purchase process? Hamble Marine Surveys provide comprehensive Pre-Purchase Surveys and New Boat Surveys. We also provide advice on Sale & Purchase.

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When insect or rodent infestation is discovered on a vessel irrespective of the vessel’s size this can present a significant health and potential maintenance nightmare. While no reliable statistics exist, a large percentage of pleasure craft have some form of infestation whether small insects including common household spiders or flies, but in some cases this can include cockroaches, beetles or even rats.

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Delamination in short is a state where the layers of GRP material held in a resin matrix become separated from one another. Delamination can also apply to joinery where plywood normally due to moisture will separate about the bonded sheets. Delamination may also apply to where GRP layers loose bonding with underlying core materials such as foam or balsa.

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