New Boat Consultancy

The purchase of a new yacht or motorboat is a huge financial and emotional decision. It should be deeply satisfying and an enjoyable experience. Sadly this is not always the case. Whether you are browsing at a Boat Show or are in advanced negotiations with a dealer, we are here to help as independent advisors.

Buying a New Boat

New Boat Commissioning

If you are considering buying a new boat, whether a yacht or motorboat and need advice or guidance, or you are in the process of making the purchase and need support, please do contact us.  We are here to help to make the purchase process enjoyable and to protect your financial position.

Acceptance Survey

Sadly many new boats are poorly prepared by dealers due to time, money and staff constraints. Also the optional extra equipment that is fitted in many cases is not correct for the type of yacht or anticipated usage and is miss-sold.

We at Hamble Marine Surveys offer a full service whereby we act as your consultant to oversee every aspect of the new build process. This type of service is normally described as an Acceptance Survey. Our experience with new boat sales and commissioning and fit-out over the past 10 years gives us a unique skill set so that we can act for the purchaser in the following areas:

  1. Advice on clients accounts, contracts and paying of funds
  2. Advice on new build specification and what to factory fit or not
  3. Overseeing hull coating preparation and antifouling
  4. Overseeing rig preparation and sails
  5. Optional equipment fit-out including safety equipment
  6. Sea trial and handover
  7. Post handover checks and snagging