Damage Surveys

Damage Surveys are an area specific investigation following an incident. Whether working directly for the insurance provider, or acting for the owner, Hamble Marine Surveys provide an independent, discreet and professional service.

Damage Surveys

If you are involved in an incident resulting from a collision, grounding, equipment failure or water ingress, we are here to support you and provide a rapid advisory service. Our intervention will mitigate your potential loss, quantify the damage to the vessel and knock-on effects, and ultimately protect your interest.

With over 25 years experience in the marine industry with a background in the marine casualty industry, Hamble Marine Surveys are able to provide rapid advice and guidance should you be involved in an incident.

We tailor out surveys to the specific needs of the incident and the damage sustained by the vessel. We issue a preliminary report verbally within 3 hour following a survey, and the full report within 48hrs of the survey.

If you are involved in an incident and need support and advice contact us 24hrs a day 7 days a week on + (44) 755 4883606.