Tonnage Surveys

Hamble Marine Surveys are authorised by the RYA and YDSA to undertake Tonnage Surveys for Part 1 Registry for the Register of Shipping & Seamen (RSS). We perform Tonnage Surveys on vessels wishing to register in UK, Jersey, Guernsey, British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Two principal types of registry exist for UK flagged vessels:-

1. Part. 1 Registry or Full Registry

This involves applying to the Register of Shipping & Seamen for acceptance of your vessel's name and your eligibility. Your vessel will require a Tonnage Survey and then this will be submitted to the Register of Shipping at which point your vessel will be entered onto the Register once ownership documents have been sent. You will be sent details of the Official Number assigned and your vessels Tonnage. A carving plate will need to be made and mounted inside the vessel.

Any eligible pleasure craft owner can apply to register under Part I of the UK Ship Register. The advantages of Part I registration is that you can:

  • TonnageSurveysprove title to your boat
  • prove your boat’s nationality
  • use the boat as security to obtain a marine mortgage
  • obtain ‘Transcripts of Registry’, which show the boat’s previous owners and whether there are any outstanding mortgages

To apply for Part 1 Registry you will need to provide a:

  • Application to Register a British Ship
  • Declaration of Eligibility
  • Title Document - Bill of Sale
  • Builders Certificate
  • Fee

Along with the forms and fees listed above, you will also need to send:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (if a company is applying)
  • Certificate of Survey of Tonnage and Measurement by Hamble Marine Surveys

2. Part 3 Registry or SSR (Small Ships Registry)

A modest fee is paid and an online application completed. A laminated certificate is issued with a unique SSR number which should be displayed on the transom of the vessel.

For vessel undertaking cruising worldwide, those with fnance and those owners wishing to 'protect' their boat name, Part 1 Registry is recommended.

The Tonnage Survey is a short survey conducted with the vessel ashore or afloat. Some key details of the vessel and key measurements are taken and submitted to the RYA for onward submission to the Register of Shipping & Seamen.

All fees are set by the RYA & YDSA and available on their website.