How can we help you?

1. Are you looking to buy a new or used yacht or motorboat and need sound advice on its condition and assistance during the purchase process? Hamble Marine Surveys provide comprehensive Pre-Purchase Surveys and New Boat Surveys. We also provide advice on Sale & Purchase.

 Engine Survey

2. Are you buying your first boat? We specialise in working with clients who need extensive advice prior to purchase, during the purchase process and post purchase. We can even accompany you on viewings to make sure that your first purchase is the correct one for you and your family.


3. Do you want to Part.1 Register you vessel? We can assist with a Tonnage Survey. Hamble Marine Surveys conducts Tonnage surveys through the YDSA and RYA for UK, BVI, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Cayman Island.

4. Thinking of selling your yacht or motorboat? We can assist with a Pre-Sale Survey which will give you a detailed Condition Survey of your vessel aimed at a future prospective purchaser providing you a detailed insight into your vessel’s condition and value. This can provide very helpful is aiding you as the seller in preparation of your vessel for sale, and to a purchaser in understanding the condition of the vessel to be purchased in a very transparent manner.

Hamble Marine Surveys hull inspections

5. Are you buying a vessel and require a Valuation Survey for the Finance company? By combining a Pre-Purchase Survey with a detailed Valuation this will provide all the information you require as a purchaser and the information your Finance company will require to approve your loan application.

Julian Smith Yacht Surveyor

6. Do you want to charter you vessel? We are experienced MCA Code inspectors appointed by the RYA. We can provide a comprehensive service ranging from Initial, Mid-Term and 5 year renewal inspections, consultancy for those MCA Coding for the first time, and even supply of MCA Code equipment. We also can advice and inspect for Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) certification.

MCA equipment

7. Are you new to boating and require a flexible ‘coaching’ type instruction on your own boat for all the family? Hamble Marine Surveys specialize in personalized and tailored ‘coaching’ in an informal relaxed atmosphere. We specialize in working with families with young children and preparation for charter holidays and blue water cruising.

Family Coaching

8. Are you thinking of going blue water cruising or entering a rally such as the ARC? We have many years experience on cruising and preparation of yachts for cruising both in terms of equipment and fit-out, but also in training.

med cruising    Cruising Prepartion