Why do I need a Survey?

I sometimes get asked why do I need a survey, especially when the purchaser is considering a vessel only 1 or 2 years old. It is clear to see the benefits when considering a 10 or 15 years old yacht, but what about a newer vessel.

rigging crackBelow is an image of the rigging on a 12 month old modern sailing yacht that was presented for sale in a 'new condition'. The purchaser was reluctant to bother having a survey as the broker suggested it would be a 'waste of money for such a new vessel'. Believe it or not I found 32 defects on the vessel including this serious hairline crack in the rigging. Need I say the purchaser was in agreement that he made the right decision. Total saving after all defects had been rectified over £4,000.

Always have a survey, the boat may be perfect, it may however not be!

Note the vertical crack in this end swaged fitting. It turned out that a number of the fittings on this rig were defective and all the standing rigging was replaced.

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