Osmosis - the reality!

With another Osmosis survey just completed my results and findings could prove useful for those who have concerns and questions. In the FAQ's section of our website a detailed article gives a clear explanation of What is Osmosis and the treatment, but every vessel is unique and our approach is very open minded when conducting a survey of this nature.

Osmosis SurveyA visual inspection of a hull's surface is maybe all that is needed to diagnose Osmosis. In this case the hull had a high density of large blisters covering the surface in a random arrangement. In areas where the hull coating was removed the hull moisture reading were very high and the liquid contained within the blisters when analysed proved to be very acidic. Regrettably compelling evidence for Osmosis.

In this particular case the antifouling coating and gelcoat were both removed by a process called 'peeling' revealing the laminate layer underneath. Grit blasting followed by steam cleaning (to wash out the concentrated acidic impurities was required) followed by an intensive drying process invloving heat lamps.

Re-epoxy coating followed by re-antifouling concluded what was initially a concerning situation.

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