Cracked Seacock

Below is an image of a standard production yacht's seacock from 2005, well maintained and regularly serviced. A very alarming discovery during a routine inspection only brought to the owners attention by water found in a normally dry bilge. Clearly serious and clearly a flood/sinking risk.

The valve is reported by the vessel's manufacturers to be DZR brass, but on closer inspection it appears to be Tonval which is a brass alloy without DZR properties. The crack visible on the valve body may or may not be due to dezincification, it is inconclusive as there was some evidence of pink discoloration on the skin fitting, but not considered significant and little or no evidence of corrosion.

This discovery on a standard production yacht is further evidence that keen attention is needed to the type and on-going maintenance of a vessel's skin fittings and associated valves.

If you have any concerns please feel free in contacting us for advice or guidance.

Failed Seacock