Are your split pins split?

Increasingly during Condition Surveys split pins whether on rigging or other fittings about a vessel are being found inadequately split, making them ultimately unsafe and prone to working loose. Only recently a split pin on a backstay was noted completed un-split and inverted and it was only a matter of time before the pin dropped out and the backstay toggle pin free to worn loose.

On another occasion a small split pin attached to the hydraulic steering ram on a motorboat's outdrive was again un-split and loose which would have resulted in loss of steering.

Split pins as their name suggests need to be split and both arms of the pin bent back greater that 90 degrees. Depending on the type of pin and where it is being used, the arms of the pin may need to be bent back all the way around the pin to be effective.

When used in rigging the split pins should be further protected by tape to prevent potential damage to sails or injury to skin.

boom split pin

Split pin working loose on a heavily worn goosneck fitting.

Forestay Split Pin

Split pin on a 55ft yacht's forestay working loose.  This defect could have resulted in the loss of the rig.

Outdrive Split Pin

Split pin working loose on a linkage for the steering ram on an outdrive.