Is your Rig Safe?

Only recently during a Pre-Purchase Survey a hairline crack was discovered on a Cap Shroud stud fitting.  The likely result of a failure of this fitting would have been the loss of the rig.


Crack on studNote the vertical crack in the stud fitting for a Cap Shroud.

Aside from the clear benefits of having a survey to discover defects such as this, the question has to be asked how many yachts are out sailing with serious defects in their rigging such as this.

Should you be checking your rig before each use much the same as an engine check? Ask any racing crew and the answer will be yes. Cruising yachts are generally not as well maintained but the rig is sadly overlooked and maybe once every few years if lucky the rig will be checked by a qualified rigger.

The rig should be checked anuually and basic checks performedbefor eeach use. This shoudl include:-

  1. Are all the split pins in place and correctly fitted
  2. Is the standing rigging correctly tensioned
  3. Is the rig straight and the spreaders correctly orientated
  4. Is the gooseneck fitting secure and all pins/nuts secure and in place
  5. Are the sails in good condition
  6. Is the running rigging and associated hardware in working order

If you are not sure what to look for or your have any concerns contact your local rigger or surveyor for advice.