Survey, Seatrial, Safety Equipment & School

Just recently I offer a full service to a couple purchasing a powerboat. I performed a Pre-Purchase Survey on the vessel followed by a seatrail with them and the brokers. Following the purchase I then project mananged the vessel's repairs and refit including supplying new Ocean Safety equipment. Finally, I spent a day on the vessel with them picking up snags, explaining how the vessel operated and giving guidance and coaching on handling the vessel.


As a surveyor and yachtsman, it gave me great pleasure offering a seamless service which I believe to be unique in UK. The benefits of having a Surveyor/Project Manager/Consultant/Coach is clear to see and one that is becoming even for experienced purchasers useful and cost effective.

Please do contact me if you would like to have any advice on the services I offer and how I can save you time and money during a purchase.

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